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Vision 2010: Congregations Cooperating In Missions

Partnership Initiatives

DCBC partners with congregations, denominational entities, and community organizations to embrace God’s emerging work in four areas: 1) Congregational Health, Evangelism, and Discipleship; 2) Church and Community Ministries; 3) Ministerial Leadership; and 4) Administration and Governance.  Currently, we are seeking to develop a written partnership agreement with every DCBC congregation.  Our agreement will identify an initiative, project, need, or program that originates at a local church level, for which you desire a partner on the regional, national, or global level.  Each DCBC church is asked to consider some mission or area of need that is dear to your heart, which you have begun to plan for in 2009 or in the years to come.  Next, ask the question, “Is this an initiative that other congregations would like to take part in?  Is this mission outreach, workshop, community mission, new ministry something for which we can use additional prayer support, volunteers, learning materials, speakers, and other resources?  If so, would you consider extending an invitation or making a request to DCBC to become a mission partner with you in carrying out the idea or the passion which the Spirit has placed on the heart of your congregation? 

I invite you to contact DCBC staff to initiate a conversation about how your church can explore a new mission partnership with other DC Baptists!

Partnership Proposal Form