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Service Centers

Center for Ministerial Leadership (CML)
The Center for Ministerial Leadership seeks to provide continual support, professional services, and networking opportunities for pastors, clergy, ministry-related personnel, and their families in the region for the sake of their moral, spiritual, personal, and professional development and overall well-being.

Center Components

The Center provides the following opportunities for fellowship:

  • ABC Ministers Council
  • Ministers Fellowship
  • Women In Ministry Roundtable

supports for the spiritual, personal, and professional edification of ministry leaders:

  • Clergy Wellness and Counseling
  • Crisis Support
  • Professional Registry

and services to enhance one's ministry in service to Jesus Christ:

  • Advisory Committee on Ordination
  • Certification for Ordination Recognition – ABC
  • Employment Agreements, Policies, and Benefits
  • Recognition, Credentialing, and Endorsement
  • Vocational Development and Continuing Education