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Online Giving Opportunities

DCBC’s mission is to share a vision of the scale and scope of ministry and mission possible in the national Capital region and beyond. Through our four mission centers, we are sharing resources given by God in the form of the gifts and talents embodied in DCBC staff, church leaders, volunteers, and denominational partners. We are sharing curricula and tools for healthy churches that pray, worship and proclaim the Gospel faithfully; that disciple believers, evangelize the neighbors, give sacrificially, provide for ministerial leadership, and practice community ministries. We are sharing ministry strategies that work in our complex environment. Also, we are sharing a myriad of financial and material resources through partnerships, grants, scholarships, loans, facilities, consultation, denominational products and services, and much more.

Representatives from the whole world have gathered in our yard, Praise God! Like the first church at Pentecost that was gifted with many languages to proclaim God’s wonderful works to all who gathered in Jerusalem, so too DC Baptists are called out men and women that are gifted with many languages, talents and passions to declare the year of the Lord to contemporary generations. What a wonderful assignment! What an amazing field of mission upon which to tell the story both in word and deed of God’s bleeding love for humanity. I challenge you to prayerfully consider how you can share your resources with the wider Baptists family in our region to fulfill Christ’s mission for the church. The Lord Loves Cheerful Givers!